Freeville Dryden Railtrail

Here’s a pretty little one. I bikes on Sunday as it was beautiful in our part of the country delivering Ruhi Book 1 to 2 friends. I was out for almost 4 hours and a section was on this trail. Lovely respite from the traffic. Lots of people with families, walking their dogs, were also taking advantage of the sunshine. There’s a rise in the rail bed where they didn’t want to tunnel under a road so they turned the trail uphill, cross the road and then drop back down to the level bed. That’s where this view appeared, top of the hill. I loved the way it framed the gate and then the big vista beyond. This is 6″ x 8″ using pencil, watercolor and gouache on paper.

One thought on “Freeville Dryden Railtrail

  1. This is really pretty, Tommy! Loving the light and shadows and the blending colors of the sky contrasting with the harsher yellow of the grass below.

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