Artist’s Bio

The arts can move the soul. They are the route for the fastest change in a tottering world where the status quo no longer functions well for the majority of the peoples on the planet. I’d like to think I can be part of that necessary and inevitable restructuring of our present societies.

With this in mind, I have finally joined two of my most enjoyable pastimes, painting and biking. Frankly, part of the reason this has occurred is the arrival of social security checks. I don’t have to labor as much as usual. So my feet are on the ground practically speaking but my head is in the clouds metaphorically speaking. That’s actually reflected in my subject matter choices. Lots of majestic skies and the mundane labor on the ground.

I’m trying to expand my thinking  beyond our everyday existence and remember the “big picture”, and, if I am able to occasionally capture that spirit and share it with some other soul….mission accomplished.

Thanks for checking it out.