Fairhaven Beach / Sunset

Beautiful weather here in upstate NY called me and a friend to ride to visit Lake Ontario. We had a tailwind and thought pretty highly of our prowess and stamina on Friday night. Next day we rode home against said breeze and we were sufficiently humbled. Great conversations though..talking about the beatitudes for hours. Analyzed them and then what are the implications for our lives now.

Here’s one tangent our conversation took. We’re so divided as humans and I ventured that we need something that can unite our thinking. A couple of hours later John said that he noticed 90% of the houses have pumpkins out so 90% of people have united around the sentiment that this is the season to put pumpkins on your porch. Now if we could only achieve that level of unity around care for the environment or world peace.

And Rumi? “When the ocean comes to you as a lover, marry, at once, quickly, for God’s sake. Don’t postpone it! Existence has no better gift. No amount of searching will find this. A perfect falcon, for no reason, has landed on your shoulder, and become yours. It’s only Lake Ontario but close enough. It’s 9″ x 12” using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper.

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