Powers Rd. Drumlin

This past Friday i went to Lake Ontario with a friend and we camped that night in Fairhaven. North of Auburn was this beautiful flock of geese and sheep all mixed together in a huge pasture. The sheep had eaten it down close to the ground probably because there’s been so little rain so forage is low. What a day though. Now for some Rumi. A mouse took hold of a camel’s rope and walked off with it and the camel thought, ‘I’ll let him feel heroic. Enjoy yourself. I have something to teach you presently.’ They came to the edge of a great river. The mouse was dumbfounded. “Step forward into the river, you are my leader. Don’t stop here.” “I’m afraid of being drowned.” The camel walked into the water. “It’s only above the knee.” Your knee. Your knee is 100 times over my head.” “Well maybe you shouldn’t be leading a camel. Stay with those like yourself. A mouse has nothing really to say to a camel.” “Would you help me get across?” “Get up on my hump. I am made to take hundreds like you across.”

You are not a prophet, but go humbly on the way of the prophets.

This is 9″ x 12″ using pencil, watercolor and gouache on cotton paper.

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