Road Trip 2023, Owen Sound

The waters took on a beautiful blue as we left Tobermory on our way to South Bay on Manitoquin Island. I had the most delightful conversation on the 2 hour ride with Ken and Melinda, a Native couple who live on the reserve on the island. So in the painting we’re looking to the East at Owen sound. On the other side of the boat is Lake Huron.

This is 5.9″ x 11.8″ using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper. $50 unframed. I kept up my goal of a painting a day while here with May and family and tomorrow the plan is to resume my peregrinations west. On to Wilmar, Mn. and then Sisseton, SD. There’s a wonderful rail trail, the Luce Line that carries me from Minneapolis almost to Wilmar. Car free and through some gorgeous countryside. It’s always been in good condition the few times I’ve been on it so I look forward to using it.

One thought on “Road Trip 2023, Owen Sound

  1. Looks like you are having or had a great trip, Tommy! We are also visiting new places and are going to Lake Huron for the third time in early June. (first last September, then last a few weeks ago). Each time we stay further north.


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