VanVleet Farm # 2

The farmer is the basis, the bedrock of any reasonable society. When money, armaments, oil and celebrities take the lead you get what we have operating today with all its illnesses. This is the frontside of the equipment barn on Jim’s land. He’s got a lot of machines for sure. Organic grains is his crop and it’s a tough haul to make it work in this area. The change in the climate is not helping. Not enough rain for example, and then when it does come it’s in deluge form. The list is long and the investments are large and then the buyers are too few. They can control the prices and you just might not get what you’ve put into a harvest. I like to eat and I’m sure most others do also. Something needs to change here. This is 9″ x 12″ using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper. I hope it gets into a book with pictures, stories and poems. We’re still working on that.

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