Old 76, Speedsville

One more from my second long bike ride through the Speedsville valley. I had stopped to put a raincoat on as a shower was just passing thru. Didn’t last long but while standing here I was impressed with the way the tree trunks climb up the hill and then the contrast with the flat field. Glacier carved landscapes all around us and big old maple trees lining the roadside. It’s just plain beautiful. There’s snow here still because this is a field shielded from the sun by the tree covered hill. It’s in the 60’s and you pass a spot like this or a creek that follows the road in shaded places and it’s then in the low 50’s, upper 40’s. How does one dress for that? You just ride on, the cold passes. I just returned from a 2 hour hike in the woods with 3 friends. How very enjoyable. We could walk on top of the snow, no breaking thru for the most part. We bushwhacked around Connecticut Hill area, some unplowed roads and some cross country ski trails. Elevated conversations for much of the time. Here’s one topic…when have you experienced ‘help’ from unseen sources when you were faced with formidable obstacles. everyone had something to say, a story to tell, on that theme. This is 8″ x 8″ using pencil and watercolor and gouache on cotton paper. $65 unframed.

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