Roadside Attractions # 18

Monday I biked out of town to partake in a Baha’i Gathering, social distancing outdoors, at the Lindsey Parsons Biodiversity Preserve. To ride there safely on back roads I climbed hills that normally I dodge like a plague. This stand of chicory jumped out near the top of one of the climbs. A regular riot of color that I’m sure one wouldn’t even notice if in a car. The only reason I saw them is I stopped to wait for my son who left a little later than me on his bike. It was nice to ride together again. Doesn’t happen often enough as he’s a very busy man with lots of responsibilities and a growing family. This might be the last of the chicory series for this year as winter closes in. It’s 9″ x 12″ using pencil, watercolor and gouache on cotton paper.

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