“Close to Home # 34”


Just at sunrise around here I go to the chicken house passing my local lumber all sawed and stickered. (a lot of it is really wide boards and I hope to make some coffins from them in the 6 board chest style)  For a few minutes a phenomena will occur on the tree trunks. If that sunshine can make it here under the clouds it’ll turn the walnut trees a variety of colors. I’ve seen pink, yellow and today’s orange tint. These are black walnuts and they are the last to put out leaves and the first to drop them. And the nuts produced are painfully difficult to extract any meat from. We haven’t bothered to try in years but maybe with lockdown and if they produce this year, we’ll have another go at it.                                         This one is 5.9″ x 11.8″ using watercolor on cotton paper.

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