Car Lot, Puerto Rico


I felt obliged to do this particular scene. Perhaps there’s something radically wrong with me. Question…What do gorillas have to do with cars? I’ve seen this in the USA too…some gorilla on the roof of the used car office. Does it mean they’re a hard sell, buy it or we release something to help close the deal? HUGE sale maybe? We’re idiots here, you can’t help but get a good deal? Ā  Ā  Anyway there’s lots of bright colors in PR. It’s 5.9″ x 11.8″ using pencil and watercolor on paper. I can’t imagine anyone wanting this so my guess is it’ll be a gift at some point. Some very special person will think it’s interesting or will just want to take it and make sure it never sees the light of day again.

2 thoughts on “Car Lot, Puerto Rico

    1. I feel my efforts are validated if I made someone smile…bring a little joy to some heart. Love, tommy.
      PS Will we see you at the winter retreat on the 14th? You, your daughter and family and Sue ought to join in. It’s been a wonderful experience for families and adults too. And Omid is going to regal us with some history too.


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