Cloud study # 28 SOLD


This past Monday morning I awoke not knowing where I was, so far gone into the dream world. Turned out I was in my own bed at home. And looking out the window this was the greeting. So we don’t see as much sky as the plains states but can still do color with what we have. Just keep banging away at it and we’ll nail these colors nicely one of these times. This one is really close.  It’s 6″ x 9″ using watercolor on paper.

2 thoughts on “Cloud study # 28 SOLD

    1. Thanks Ted, And I’ll stay home for awhile now too. I’m exhausted. Probably the Lymne disease acting up again. Comes and goes and I’ve had it quite a few times for sure. If you ever do a showing of my work in your gallery, please take a photo so I can show off to my family and friends.
      Hope all is well with you. I rode thru some battered areas of the panhandle this spring and it wasn’t pretty. You’re farther inland and south too right? Be well,


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