Cornell Botanical Gardens

For the festival of Ayyam I Ha we went with friends to this hill in the now named Cornell Botanical Gardens where this huge ancient oak tree resides. It’s a good spot for sledding which some of us proceeded to do. Others in the group walked and talked around the perimeter of the gardens. It was nice to be with people other than in your little pod. This is an amazingly large specimen…there’s a man walking behind the tree for perspective. The little fence around it is to keep people from getting killed from falling branches. It’s just a suggestion of a border. One could easily take their chances by stepping over it. This is # 3 for my daily attempts at a painting a day during our fasting period. We’ll see what happens. Karim thought that perhaps I’d be doing abstract, psychedelic work towards the end of this time of abstinence. He’s got a good sense of humor. This is 8″ x 8″ using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper. $65 unframed

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