On Friday I rode out the Black Diamond Trail and lo, the bison are back in their winter pasture. I spoke with the landowner awhile ago and she told me they spend most of their time out in Caroline. Maybe it’s easier to watch them, feed them with bales here closer to town in the winter. They must be terribly difficult to get in trailers and haul them around but maybe these are pretty domesticated. I’m not going over the fence to find out. It’s 9″ x 12″ using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper.

One thought on “Tatanka

  1. Nice work getting the different positions so we can see the bison. I’ve seen them in Yellowstone, and while they seem placid enough, they are still wild animals, which people don’t think about. I don’t know how domesticated they can become so I think you were smart not to get too close.


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