Washburn Rd. SOLD


It was a beautiful sunny day, hot, and I got a chance to walk a lot after my tire went flat. Having decided to visit Akiva and entering his road from the rough northern end, my tire went down on the first rocks I hit. I  was unable to fix it. So that left me a good long stroll down to his home and then he wasn’t home. Rats! But I did enjoy the sun, clouds and shadows cast.                   This is 5.9″ x 11.8″ using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper.

4 thoughts on “Washburn Rd. SOLD

  1. Tommy, we recently met at the Ithaca Artist’s Market. I enjoy your work. I’m the tall guy who bought two pieces: a migrant laborer scene (the small one) and a palm tree painting from Florida. I signed up to follow your work because I love the idea of your studio on a bicycle. I wondered if you have a photo of yourself on your bike or of you painting from your bike etc. for my files. I try to keep info about artists I have collected. Also, how much are you asking for this image you titled Washburn Rd? I have a couple others I am interested in as well.


    1. Hi Ted,

      Thanks for the interest in Washburn and for supporting the arts last friday. Seriously, you want a photo of me? I just did a selfie today and posted it as it turns out. Maybe that will do?
      The Washburn Rd. piece is beautiful in my opinion so your taste is good. And now I’m in the uncomfortable position of talking about prices. I could do it if we were face to face but this writing it all down is harder. From here on out I’ll price them as I put them up so no more discomfort on my part.
      $ 85 for Washburn Rd. These are working class paintings at working class prices.
      Are you still here in Ithaca? If so you might like to see the studio and a pile of work on its walls. Just a thought.

      Thanks for the interest ,


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