The Blues in February


Dave I accompanied me on a walk in the woods on Friday. The views from his home on Bostick Rd. are breathtakingly beautiful. Reminds me…I was speaking with a geologist few weeks ago and he pointed out that this whole area in central NY was a sea bottom but something lifted it all to the same height at some point in our ancient history. He noted that all the hill tops are the same height, just about ,and the valleys and dips are from erosion or glacier action. So the mystery is , what could have lifted such a huge land mass so evenly across the southern tier? That’s one the geologists haven’t figured out yet. And Julee lent me a geological map of NY state but i am unsure how to read it. It’s very different from your ordinary road map.       This one is 9″ x 23.5″ and is watercolor, pencil and gouache on paper.

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