Cloud Study # 19


On Friday as we were biking, we happened to notice the cirrus clouds above. Here’s an attempt to capture their beauty. It’s 6″ x 8″ using watercolor and gouache on paper.

4 thoughts on “Cloud Study # 19

    1. You are very kind. I feel like I can get away with murder as far as skies go. You try to duplicate what you see and whatever comes out is acceptable as the skies are so varied and mutable. Part B.
      there’s a cluster reflection meeting this sunday at Karim and Alba’s home here in Ithaca. Will you be able to come? Long time since I see you so I hope you will.
      Me and Omid are going to try to resurrect our visiting far flung believers plan. You want a visit?
      I have a new slide presentation from this years bike ride too if you’d like to offer that to your neighborhood. Just getting the bugs worked out on it at this point. I got to wear that beautiful hat you gave me this past sunday for our morning hike. It’s cold again and that hat is the warmest. One of my friends who knits took a good look at the work and declared it was double knitting and excellent workmanship. There you have it.

      Love, tommy


      1. I’m hitching a ride with Omid on Sunday. I’d love to host another gathering for you to tell us about this year’s ride. Fascinating adventure!


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