A Long One SOLD


This size paper is dictated by my uncovering three 6″ x 12″frames so I have to use them. The car is located North of Seneca Falls in the Custom Auto lots on Rt 318. They have some real beauties there. I walked off to measure the length of this one and I think it was almost 27′ long. It’s a Dodge from the 60’s and gas was cheap so they made them huge and heavy with really big motors. My dad bought an Olds as a second car for our carnival work. That thing had a 450 something cubic engine and you could literally watch the gas gauge move down as you drove. Maximum of 8 mpg probably closer to 5 mpg. if we were pulling the work trailer.  It’s 6″ x 12″ using pencil, watercolor and gouache on cotton paper.  $ 110