Wakpala Gumbo GIFTED


There’s a back road from Wakpala to the highway and I wanted to take it to pass close to the buttes seen here in the distance. It rained the night before so I checked the gravel road to see if it was passable. Near Wakpala seemed fine so off I went. The choice was to stay on paved road by going back towards Mobridge 7 miles in the wrong direction. It turned into what might be considered a poor choice. I hit some spots where the road was a type of gumbo that stopped the bike in its tracks. And then loaded my shoes…like wearing 5 # weights. anyway, I did a fair amount of walking that morning and it being a lonely road, there wasn’t much of a chance to get a ride thru the mess.   The buttes are named Rattlesnake, Elk and Catches Eagle on the left. Stoney Three Legs took me up to Catches Eagle the evening before and we said some prayers there. It was special.   9″ x 12″ using pencil and watercolor on cotton paper.

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