Here’s a ’49 Ford I think. It’s in Lansing, NY. and is to become a rat rod according to the owner. He’s got another that will be restored to it’s original state and I’ll get a drawing of that one up soon.  It’s 9″ x 12″ using pencil, watercolor and gouache on paper and, as always, it too is for sale.  $175 if it gets framed.

2 thoughts on “F-100

    1. You are one car lover Candy. Hope you are well, surviving the winter et al. And thanks.

      A question as a fellow lover of old vehicles…what is the spiritual significance of one’s love and appreciation of these old cars? I’m stumped on how to answer that but would like to have some good ideas on it to elevate any conversation around said trucks. And what does IMHO mean?


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