Close to Home # 7


Once again, behold the Southern end of Cayuga Lake. The sun was out, still bitter cold and very different from the cloudy days. The ice might be gone in a few days as 40 degree weather is predicted. Won’t that seem like spring?      9″ x 12″ using watercolor, pencil and gouache on paper.  $ 175 framed

2 thoughts on “Close to Home # 7

  1. Wow, Tommy. The sky, the bit of bright blue in the corner with the leaves blowing in the tree, the hill across the lake, I think this is a beautiful painting.

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    1. Thanks Sara. And this time I agree with you. This one makes five from the end of the lake and I am doing another today, starting one anyway. The daily changes are pretty fascinating. And how about this balmy weather?


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