All Fords


IMG_2336.jpgI’ve done this field of trucks over a year ago and some of them are still available for continuing studies. They’re all “high boys” and most are 4 x 4’s. I like all of them but the oldest among them from the 60’s is my favorite. They’ve started to cobb something together with that one.     It’s 9″ x 12″ with pencil, watercolor and gouache on paper.  $175 framed

2 thoughts on “All Fords

    1. Thanks Candi,

      Hope all is well in the “Branch”. The structure happens to be some sort of barn and the owners have a CSA and sell at the Ithaca farmer’s market. It’s some lovely bottom land in a valley not unlike yours except their creek isn’t was big. It’s great biking road though….one of my favorites.


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