Walnut Grove, Close to Home


IMG_2247.jpgThis is our back yard in early morning. We were gathering a small crew to stretch out a liner for a pond which we accomplished. It poured the next day and it’s now full and holding water at last! My 10 yr. old grand daughter took the photo for me as we were admiring the light together.    It’s 12″ x 16″ with watercolor and gouache on fancy paper.

4 thoughts on “Walnut Grove, Close to Home

    1. Thanks Candi.
      And i can at present hear the rain falling on the metal roof. My God it’s getting cold fast. I am looking forward to visiting you in Dec. Still a month off though. Come to the cluster meeting today at Karim’s house at 3, pick up your painting if you still want it, because we all live right together in Ithaca, and then we get to visit. I’m going to go and clean the house some now, start a fire too. Love, tommy


    1. Not too many birds about at the moment. I am glad you responded because I am unsure about this motif. It just seemed so simple…a few branches against the sky….bare branches at that. So thanks for the encouragement. And these are the trees that stand between our homes, all those walnuts.


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