Lake Michigan, Sheboygan Campsite GIFTED


This was a wonderful stop in so many ways. First, Tim and Sue, after feeding me, led me to this little beach to spend the night there. Local youth seemed to like the area too but were respectful and took their party further down the beach. They lasted until maybe midnight. I awoke at 4 AM and this was my greeting. Later I crossed the lake going easterly on the last steam driven ferry in the USA. And it should be mothballed too. It just belched black coal soot from it’s big stacks. I didn’t complain then as I got to sit for 4 hours and paint while listening to dumb jokes and family fun games enroute. I got excited and framed it before the photo. Hence, there’s a slight reflection off the glass.                                               It’s 9″ x 23.5″ using watercolor and pencil on paper.       $ 250


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