A Nice Man SOLD


Here’s Karryn’s dad, 92 year old Darwin, working in his shop. He was a small engine repair guy for many years and has a mountain of tools as you can see. And I guess I left out the half of them…it’s confusing enough already. Darwin and daughter Deanna hosted me for 2 days on my cross country trip and it was delightful staying with them. It was a most delightful respite from life on the road. Looking forward to his visit to Ithaca this fall.                                                                 Pencil, watercolor and gouache on paper.   SOLD

3 thoughts on “A Nice Man SOLD

    1. Thanks Sara. I am somewhat disappointed in it but already spent a long time with it. Only half of the stuff in the real barn is pictured here. I just couldn’t keep it up. But it feels too clean because of that to me. He’s the sweetest guy too and I don’t know how to get that across either.


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