The Ranch


I had left Big Timber in Montana in the morning after being assured that the road I was about to follow would indeed get me thru to Billings, albeit circuitously. It was a dirt road and very unpopulated. It was actually quite beautiful and quiet. I had waved to all 5 of the cars or trucks that had passed me and one had turned around and come back to ask why on this road, in this sun…”You must have a very positive attitude to be out here. You look like you could use a shower too. Our ranch is the next right turn and you’re welcome to stay the night. I’m going to town and won’t be back for 2 hours but feel free to go in and settle down.”   After debating with myself awhile i did indeed go down their drive and had a wonderful afternoon and evening with family and caregivers. The caregivers were also cyclists taking care of the husband who’d had a fall and was recuperating, relearning how to walk.  Linda the inviter, was a horse-woman among other things. We tried for hours to fix a short in a water tank for the cattle unsuccessfully but narrowed down the possibilities to a pump that was very distant from the water. Warm conversations and sharing with Linda that night and next morning. We’re both good conversationalists and listeners. There’s all sorts of equipment around the ranch and this is what was seen from the drive on my way out.   It’s 9″ x 12″ using pencil, watercolor and gouache on paper.          $  150

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