Aspen in Spring


This was high up in the mountains in Eastern Washington at the home of Stan and Sadie Somers who hosted me for a couple of nights in early May. They were long time Baha’i pioneers in the Caribbean but retired here when Sadie needed medical attentions unavailable in the islands. They were wonderful hosts as was the visit with friends of theirs who also lived in this vast wilderness, Jay, BJ and Judy. We visited mountain cabins and shared a meal together and I learned a lot about the local area, especially from Jay who is an avid explorer. Stan and Sadie came down to the highway to get me as it would have been nigh unto impossible to find, much less reach their home 10 miles from town on dirt tracks way up in the mountains. All was green at the moment with spring rains doing their work. All will be browner as summer progresses and black should forest fires come thru as they frequently do. There were spectacular sunsets here but I guess the family sees them regularly. I liked the white bark against the dark foliage for this one.    It’s 9″ x 12″ watercolor, pencil and gouache on paper.

2 thoughts on “Aspen in Spring

    1. Thanks Sara. Ah, and as for the trucks, I have plenty of photos of the landscapes too and am working on getting them onto paper now. I also find that I do better painting while sitting at a desk than on the road. But you know lots of folks paint beautiful landscapes and for good reason but I really like the old tools set aside or still in use that people have devised in our relationship with this beautiful natural world.


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