Granary, Britton SD SOLD


I stayed with this friend of the family for 2 days rest and recuperation. Karryn asked for some rendition of the old granary  and here it is. A fascinating piece of utilitarian architecture. The middle door opens and there is a trapdoor in the floor that, when open, allows the grain to fall into a pit. Then the machinery, which Darwin, who is now 92, said he loved to watch as a child, lifts the grain up via cups attached to a conveyor belt. A big single stroke engine ran all the pulleys and bells and whistles. It would lift the grain to the tower from whence it could be distributed to any of the four separate bins, 2 on either side of the tower. The doors then provided access to the grain. It was used till right up till after the second world war.                   9″ x 12″ using pencil and watercolor on paper.           NFS

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