So I am walking down the hill and arrive at our former “Octopus” and it’s still a bit  congested. It’s cold out there but a beautiful sky. For me it begged the comparison between what is made by man and what isn’t….even though there are some nice parallel lines in the composition. I like the green part of the bridge. And yes, the full moon went dead center.         It’s 9″ x 12″ with pencil and watercolor on paper.                       SOLD

One thought on “Dusk SOLD

  1. Tommy… I too like that coppery green color on the bridge, always have. The contrast by what is made by humans and what isn’t recently has started to enthrall me… the word “anthropic” arose in my readings and the principles behind it…the flotsam and jetsam of human existence. For instance, that every year almost 5 cubic miles of concrete and cement ( my choice of artistic medium) are poured worldwide every year and will remain for millennia … it would be worth a conversation in the shade on a sunny summer day on the innate impulses of humankind to leave a trace…whether beautiful or not


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