Jewett Hill Rd. # 7


Here’s a view of the farmhouse from the southerly side. It’s a typical wintry gray day in upstate NY to be sure. I walked the land yesterday after visiting with Kevin in the barn where he was feeding and cleaning up after the animals. And I took many photos of the spread while it was raining. This gives me a lot to draw on for inspiration in these dreary wintry days. Next painting will be interior spaces with cows. The visit was friendly down in the barn which is very old school…low ceiling, stanchions, big hewn beams all painted white some years ago, the small bales are tossed down thru a small opening to the haylofts above, cobwebs everywhere and not a lot of air movement but warm. Kevin had me ball up my fist and push into the lower belly of his oldest cow, 18 years, so we could feel the rebound of the calf inside. He explained that one could feel the calf in this manner in the 7th month of pregnancy. Maybe you know that they, like humans, have a 9 month gestation period. A neighbor had gifted him a few calves and one would let me scratch his cheeks, not his head, and sucked on my fingers. A sweet place to be with a sweet man.

9″ x 12″ pencil and watercolor on paper       Price    $ 125

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