Jewett Hill Rd. #3


I said I was going to continue with this farm and here we go. It’s got 7 tractors of the Oliver brand that I can see from the road. A wonderful stand of spruce trees surrounds the old farmhouse. Here’s 3 Olivers. More to come.    9″ x 12″pencil and watercolor on paper

purchase price       $ 125

2 thoughts on “Jewett Hill Rd. #3

  1. I like this painting very much. My dad had John Deere and Oliver tractors. And an old red one – forget the name. This must be a wealthy farmer to have 7 tractors!


  2. Hi Sara, It no longer looks like a wealthy farm but what do I know. It’s pasture now and they run beef cows on it. Used to be a dairy probably when they bought all the equipment. Those tractors last for 45 to 50 years with the little bit they’re out running so having a bunch of them is quite plausible. Especially back when having a steady milk check made getting credit easy.


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