Crossroads GIFTED


This is the corner of Harvey Hill and Rothermich Rd. and it was a grey day. So it lends itself to a minimum use of color. And I am also looking for something that might speed up my painting to make it more suggestive and “painterly”. This is an attempt. Now why bother with that? I’ll tell you what I am thinking. It’s my blog right? This I can do.

I am preparing for a bike ride across the northern USA and getting the bike and routes together is only a part of the process. If I am to do a sketch a day by way of documentation, which is one of my goals for this trip, then I need to quicken my painting style. So by starting now maybe I will be up to speed come this spring. This must be quicker in that I don’t use time mixing up any paints…one color is all you get to use. Still it wasn’t fast enough though.            It’s 9″ x 12″ pencil and watercolor on paper.

purchase price  $100    SOLD

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2 thoughts on “Crossroads GIFTED

  1. Oh, Tommy. Why box yourself into such a tight corner? Please continue to use color – it’s one of the most pleasing aspects of your painting — those blue, blue skies with white clouds, the touches of red on old tractors or signs, the green of trees and fields. What would nature be without color? How could you possibly capture its glory without color? And take the time you need to make beautiful paintings. Short-change anything else, but please find another way to ride-and-paint that gives the attention to painting that it so richly deserves from your valuable talents.

    With love in my heart,


    1. That’s so sweet of you Sara. I’ll take your advice in account. This particular “crossroads” was pretty much true to color. You get out on a grey day and the woods look pretty brown. And I take so much time with the color ones that I can’t see myself sitting that long not being at a desk or something to prop me up. some method might pop up though. Pull a trailer full of junk.


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