Salmon Creek Valley, Sill Rd, SOLD


In some very cold but sunny weather I am returning home from a trip to pick up old winter wheat that has been stored for 40 years. It’s for feeding chickens at this point and they seem to like it. One maybe ate too much and was found dead the following morning.

But it had been in sealed containers and storage bags as part of a survival kit.  I asked why you decide to let it go now and also queried if it had to do with our recent election results. No to that one but “we might need it more now than ever.”

Oh yeah, back to the site……I found it interesting as I was above all this road, houses and the valley below. And look at the fields on the opposite hillside…how could one resist? I bike this valley regularly as it’s so beautiful and has little traffic.      6″ x 9″ using watercolor on paper

purchase price $100

for more info…

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