Road Trip # 3 Puget Sound


So we have finally arrived in Seattle and unpacked the van, moved into the apartment and had a good nights sleep. Jeff drove me down to the Pacific side of the city and here is a view of Bainbridge Island in the fore and the Olympic Peninsula in the background with it’s snow capped mountains. The driftwood pieces are huge….some are trees. The air smelled so fresh and salty. And I will do some from the streets of Seattle which has an inordinate amount of older vehicles from the 60’s and 70’s. This not using salt on the roads is the reason for that.              6″ x 9″ using pencil and watercolor

purchase price $125

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip # 3 Puget Sound

  1. I love the calm shore feeling of this — I can almost hear the rocking waves hitting rocks, feel the vastness of water and sky, mountains in the distance, smell the salt and seaweed. And the sky matching/reflected in the sea. I’m getting a really strong sense/memory of this place.


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