Corn Harvest # 3 SOLD



Here’s the third of a small harvesting triptych found in nearby Ledyard. This migrant crew is packing fresh corn into crates and then loading them onto a flatbed that’ll deliver them to stores. Again, there’s hundreds of acres of this corn around here and these are the ones who’ll help get it to market.

My Mom had a triptych of sorts by Grandma Moses on our walls where I grew up. I was fascinated by the way I could find pieces of the big scene in the smaller framed paintings of details hung on either side of the large mother painting. This is a reminder of that early awakening in me. I would literally sit there for hours staring and finding where they would join together. In these 3 paintings I did my details first but then wanted to capture the majesty and beauty of the whole scene. And I wouldn’t have seen any of this had i not chosen this day and area to bike in the country.

It’s a 9″ x 12″ watercolor on paper.   SOLD


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