This is such a familiar site along the byways. While biking I pass miles of this beautiful flower growing in some of the toughest environmental conditions….packed roadsides, coming up thru cracked asphalt or rocky earth. And the color is so delicate. There will be Queen Anne’s Lace mixed in too but I didn’t see any in this section of Fish Rd. past Enfield.

This particular day began with clouds and later there were 2 incredible thunderstorms both of which soaked me and equipment to the bone. It felt good as the heat was unbearable. I made some 90 plus miles that day on the bike but was only able to do 33 the next day. Paying the price and evening things out.

9″ x 12″ using pencil and watercolor on  paper

purchase price $225   beautifully framed.  SOLD

for more info…

One thought on “Chicory

  1. Chicory is my favorite wildflower for all the reasons you said – it grows everywhere and easily in tough road side conditions, matches perfectly with Queen Annes’ lace and sometimes trefoil or yellow buttercups. And the shade of blue has a special and unusual elegance that seems surprising with it’s ordinary wildness. Thanks, Tommy.


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