More Trucks


Biking past this garage last year there was an old ’51 Dodge truck out back. I stopped and spoke with owners and it was a project vehicle. I never got around to doing a painting of that one but am not missing my chance this time around. Here is the same vehicle, front and center, a year later, and a job well done.  These mechanics amaze me with their abilities.

I spoke with Mark who has put the old body on a newer 2004 Chevrolet Silverado frame thereby gaining all the modern conveniences such as staying on the road and starting and stopping nicely. It can also do more than 45 MPH on the highway. So here it is, inspected, plates on and ready to roll. It’s on Rt 228 above Odessa and not for sale. But inside the shop are a few handsome motorcycles of various brands and vintages that are his real love. Perhaps he’d part with one of them.

It’s 10″ x 14″ with pencil and watercolor on paper.

purchase price $225   beautifully framed

for more info…

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