The Hawk


On a back road to Binghamton this beauty is sitting on it’s dais. I stopped and the owner is there at his grandfather’s old dwelling. He is a car enthusiast and had raced stock cars for 18 years when he was young. This particular day he was busy with cleaning up around the homestead and my guess is he would wish it was was easy for him as it was for me in the painting. Believe me, I left a lot out of the background.

Anyway, this is a ’57 Studebaker Hawk that had a 289 motor which he pulled and used in another Studebaker “Lark” that was one of his stock cars at the track. That car also sits at the site. Got the bug as a kid and just became a motorhead. And now it’s good not to be under a vehicle every weekend of the year.

I’m gonna go by again and offer him a print of this and get better details. Maybe he would sell it. I’ll let you know. It’s 9″ x 12″ with pencil and watercolors on paper.

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