C&O Canal Series #2 SOLD

c&o-canal-series-2Here’a another small study. Too bad it’s not huge ’cause it’s a beauty. I think it really caught the light of the day and especially the color of the canal water. Sometimes these things happen. And I was reminded about the great blue heron we saw walking across the algae at this site. It was very thick indeed and sagged under the birds weight but didn’t break and would spring right back to the surface. Who remembers a John Gnaggy (sp?) who was an artist on the early days of TV? He’d do landscapes right on the tube in his 1/2 hour time slot. He would simply add the blue heron here if he thought that would please his audience. He often added deer or other animals to his scenes.

5-5/8″ x 4-3/8′ and watercolor and pencil   SOLD

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